Areas of Expertise


Since its inception, CVICT has separate research department with experienced personnel. It does both kinds of research:  qualitative and quantitative. It has been conducting several research in different areas of health and human rights covering varied groups of population such as torture survivors, women, children, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and other marginalized and traumatized population; and in various themes such as psychosocial interventions, mental health interventions, corporal punishment, impact of armed conflict and natural disasters on psychosocial and mental health, gender based violence, refugees and human rights etc. These research documents are used by other national and international organizations as well. The organization has been conducting research in partnership with different national and international organizations and universities. Findings of research conducted by the organization are being published in various national and international journals and magazines such as JAMA, AJP, Lancet and International Journal of Social Psychiatry among others. Research is one of the major pillars of the organization.

CVICT has also developed itself as a ‘Resource Centre’ for research, advocacy, and service delivery particularly on mental/psychosocial, legal reformation, peace-building and women’s issues.


CVICT is the only organization, which has been providing holistic and comprehensive support to torture victims. CVICT provides medical, psychosocial and legal services to torture and trauma survivors and their families. CVICT creates warm and safe environment at the Centre. CVICT has comfortable counseling rooms and staffs of the organization are quiet professional and providing counseling service to clients in a trusting and comfortable environment. For example, none of the doctors wear white coats. The survivors get a thorough medical examination, psychosocial counseling and physiotherapy services. The clients are also provided with medicines, if needed.

CVICT focuses on community based rehabilitation through mobile clinics and trained counselors among others. However critical cases are being referred to centre based rehabilitation centre.  Families of torture survivors also get medical support for minor physical problems and full treatment for psychosocial problems. This is the first organization, which has been providing comprehensive and holistic treatment to torture survivors. CVICT also refers victims to different governmental and non-governmental organizations for providing services which are not available to the organization.

Community Mediation

CVICT has been successful in introducing conflict resolution out of court through community mediation in Nepal. Now other organizations have replicated the program in different parts of the country. Community Mediation is one of the innovative programs of CVICT. The organization has published resource materials on community mediation and training manual and is providing training as per the need. CVICT has qualified human resources for mediation training as well as for implementation of the mediation program. CVICT has been providing quality service through training to human resources and through different publication and research to various national and international organizations in the field.

CVICT introduced a mediation model in which community people discuss and decide the case where there is win-win situation for both the sides. The model is appreciated by various international organizations involved in the field of mediation and peace building.

Mental Health

CVICT is the pioneer organization working in the field of mental (psychosocial) health. The organization has been providing psychosocial interventions targeting various population of community throughout Nepal. The trained personnel have been providing support to victims in different parts of the country regardless of their affiliation. CVICT has been working for their capacity building and providing refresher training to them to enhance their capacity and provide new knowledge to them. Approx. 400 persons have been trained on intensive psychosocial counseling and they have been providing services across the country through different organizations. As a pioneer organization in the field of mental health, CVICT has also developed training manual for psychosocial training, which is being used by different organizations. Counselors trained by CVICT has been providing services to community people in different parts of the country, while the organization has been providing refresher training to them.

In addition, CVICT has been providing various capacity building trainings to the member staffs of partner organization of various national and international organization including UN agencies. These trainings are provided as per the need and request particularly on Psychosocial Counseling, Stress Management, and Gender Justice etc.


CVICT has been involved in both Public Advocacy and Policy Advocacy. It makes people aware and empowers them to raise their issues through media mobilization and publication and dissemination of IEC materials, while it involves in Policy Advocacy in collaboration with national and international organizations. At the national level, CVICT is a part of Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC) and other networks, while at the international level, CVICT is the part of International Rehabilitation Council for Torture (IRCT); Douglas Hospital and Research Centre, McGill University and World Organization against Torture (OMCT) among others. CVICT along with other members of the human rights communities played important role for formation of National Human Rights Commission and for the promulgation of Torture Compensation Act among others. The organization has separate department for Advocacy, which analyzes national and international human rights instruments and implement advocacy initiatives. The organization has been currently involved in advocacy for formation of Truth and Reconciliation Commission to provide justice to the victims of decade long armed conflict and Victim/Witness Protection Act. The organization has been involved in advocacy in the field of torture, human rights, mental health among others

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